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When we decided to create our own personal website, we were excited to develop a “state of the art” website to better promote our lifestyle, goals and products from our publishing company. However, we soon realized the senseless vanity and overall frivolity of this time consuming endeavour. At last official count, the World Wide Web contains an estimated 50 Billion (that’s definitely a B for Billion) unique web pages. Note, that is web pages NOT web sites. A distinctive difference, as any given web site (such as this one) often has many separate web pages!

Determining how many unique web sites there currently are is a bit of a trick question, as there isn't a definite answer. However, right now there are well over 1.2 Billion active websites on the Internet according to Netcraft - a leading authority on web related infrastructure. Over a billion distinct websites to sort through is a lot - but when we're talking about the Internet, sounds kind of small. It won't be small for long though, as the Internet is still growing by leaps and bounds. With the rapid worldwide adoption of smartphones and tablets, the growth of both personal and corporate websites is expected to grow exponentially for the foreseeable future...

Consequently, we promptly decided it is both unproductive and impractical to try and compete in vying for web viewers time and interest. If you are truly interested in finding out the basic facts about us, our beloved sanctuary at Cranky Goat Cottage, and our quirky publishing adventures at Cranky Goat Publishing - then you will find that information on the numerous pages throughout this website.

In our fickle world of “instant gratification” the average user views any given website for less than 60 seconds! In fact, we are pleasantly surprised you have made it this far - we sincerely thank you for that courtesy. However, we personally would much rather be putting that energy into developing better end products for our readers and simply enjoying life!

So if you are reading this and it is a beautiful day outside, we thank you for your interest but please stop reading now, turn off your damn computer and go outside to enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory and truly appreciate the wonderful planet we all share... before it is too late! You can always come back and peruse our site again at a later date... savour us on a rainy day, and enjoy life while you can!

Why Self-Publish? It is a well-documented fact in the traditional book publishing world that the majority of books fail to earn back the cost of production for their publishers. They may not be bad books. In fact, many are quite good. But massive competition, high printing costs and the expensive nature of the traditional book distribution system conspire to make it difficult for even good books to garner the attention they deserve. In today's complex world, self-publishing allows an author a level of independence and marketing control which they could never access before, plus earn higher returns while charging less for their product ... so why not self-publish? Besides, it is also a lot of fun to 'learn the ropes' and do it all on your own ... creative independence is a truly wonderful experience. 

Live Simply. Live Healthy. Live Happy...
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